Farm Direct From Southern Oregon

CBD Hemp Flower

Rogue Rollers

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Why Choose Rogue Origin?

High-CBD hemp flowers grown in Southern Oregon

Superior Quality

We hang dry the full plant for a slow cure that locks in flavor and maximizes CBD production. Then we hand-trim every bud to preserve its flavor and potency.

High CBD hemp under the Oregon sun

Ideal Microclimate

Fertile soil, pristine water, and a temperate climate make the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon one of the best environments in the world for cannabis.

Red truck parked by CBD hemp field

Farm Direct

We only sell all-natural CBD hemp flower grown on our licensed farm in the Rogue Valley. Delivered to your door, with free shipping every day.


Our Philosophy

Right by our customers and the planet.

High-CBD hemp flowers grown in Southern Oregon

Rogue Origin utilizes agricultural methods that keep the soil healthy and viable for future generations. Our connection to the valley is what makes all of this possible.

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