CBD Hemp Trim

100% all-natural CBD hemp flower trim is brought to you straight from Rogue Origin’s farm in sunny Southern Oregon. Our hemp trim is high-quality CBD hemp flower by-product from our trimming process, still rich in all the plant’s beneficial compounds. Trim CBD will include consistently ground-up buds and fan leaves. Making it the perfect form of cannabis for cooking at the lowest cost.

Check out our Rogue Reader for a cooking recipe using our CBD Trim!

High-Grade CBD Trim
  • $25.00
CBD Biomass (Trim)
  • $20.00

An Invaluable Byproduct With Lots of Potential

CBD shake is the unique byproduct of our trimming process. After we harvest and hand cut our homegrown hemp flower, we are left with small pieces of flowers and leaves that contain the plant’s valuable terpenes and cannabinoids.

As a true cannabis enthusiast, you can use this trim CBD to make anything and everything. Bake a tray of cannabis-infused brownies, roll them into smokable CBD joints, or even extract your own tincture!

We have a wide selection of cultivars too. Our Lifter hemp trim can keep you focused all day while boosting your creativity and giving you a clear mind. If your sole purpose is relaxation, you can try our Elektra shake. Want to try something new with a unique calming effect? Turn to our White CBG. We have trim for every goal and preference.

Shop High-Quality Hemp Trim

Our CBD shake, just like all of our other products, is USDA certified and third-party lab-tested to ensure it complies with the 2018 Farm Bill requirements. Once collected, it’s kept in a climate-controlled environment for maximum flavor and potency. The final product you get is 100% natural trim CBD of superior quality. It’s available in wholesale and retail quantities, If you’re an adventurer with a taste for CBD, this is a must-try. There are no limits to what you can do with our hemp trim. You can take your CBD journey to the next level. Buy more than $75 and enjoy free shipping on your order.