Our Story

Driven by our deep passion for natural hemp flower, we founded Rogue Origin in the sunny Southern Oregon valley. Since we opened, we have been striving to set the industry standard for quality. As passionate hemp flower farmers, we work diligently to maintain the best farming practices and cultivate the most desirable traits in our hemp flower.

CBD enthusiasts can shop from us with confidence knowing that they’re buying premium seed-to-sale hemp flower products that come directly from the source–-our farm. We’re dedicated to providing full transparency about our farming practices and are always eager to answer all queries regarding our products.

Our Process

Our plants are grown under the warm Southern Oregon sun and within the compassionate hands of our experienced growers. We use thoughtful farming practices and improve them harvest after harvest. Each year, we reinvest in ourselves to grow the highest quality CBD flower. 

Our buds are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes and are harvested at the season's peak for the highest potency. We hang-dry the whole plants for a slow cure to lock in their aromas and maximize their cannabinoid production. Then, we hand-trim each bud ourselves to preserve the delicate trichomes and provide a clean smoking experience rich in flavor without unwanted stems and leaves. Finally, we package and ship them to you directly.

We take immense pride in our high standard of quality, from the seeds we use to our trimming process and the final packaging that we have chosen. Everything we do is with the intention to make sure that the flower is as fresh as possible.

Our Cultivars

We have a varied collection of cultivars that are sourced from skilled geneticists focused on creating unique and potent effects. They are all rich in CBD with exceptional terpene profiles that create different experiences. From calming the mind to boosting creativity and increasing energy, our Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids answer the needs of every user and occasion.

Our final products are all third-party lab-tested and USDA-certified. They’re available in small 1-ounce bags as well as large 5 and 10-pound bags for all buyers at affordable prices. We grow and ship all our flower directly from the farm. We deliver across the US and offer free shipping for $75+ orders.

We’re happy to provide premium hemp flower for you, so you can enjoy all-natural, top-of-the-line CBD without additives or chemicals. Explore our collection today and join our expanding hemp flower family!