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Looking for Rogue Origin’s CBD hemp flower for sale? Whether you’re looking for a little something for yourself, or bulk amounts for your business, you've come to the right place! Our premium CBD flower is available in 1-ounce, 1-pound, and 10-pound bags that can be purchased by anyone — no wholesale account needed! 

You can order our hemp flower tops and smalls in high or low volumes below — or from the individual product pages.

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Bulk Order Price Discounts

All prices listed on this page are for single units. We have bulk price breaks for our Sungrown flower options starting at:

Top Flower

Bag Size Bulk Price Breaks
1 lb.
5+ =  $10 OFF
10+ =  $20 OFF
15+ =  $30 OFF
20+ =  $40 OFF
10 lbs.
2+ =  $500 OFF

Small Flower

Bag Size Bulk Price Breaks
1 lb.
5+ =  $2.50 OFF
10+ =  $5.00 OFF
15+ =  $7.50 OFF
20+ =  $10.00 OFF
10 lbs.
2+ =  $100 OFF

CBD Biomass/CBD Trim

Bag Size Bulk Price Breaks
By The Pound
5+ =  $2.50 OFF
10+ =  $5.00 OFF
Simply add all you'd like to your cart and see your bulk price breaks when you go to your cart.

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About Wholesale Flower

Premium Wholesale CBD Flower

Depending on your requirements, you can purchase our all-natural, non-psychoactive CBD hemp flower for sale in large or small volumes. We offer a large variety of cultivars, each with its own set of cannabinoids, terpenes, and effects to cater to every individual need and taste. We cultivate this hemp flower on our southern Oregon farm with the utmost care and love so you can experience the efficiency and therapeutic benefits of a high-quality bud that has been grown to attain maximum potency. We collect, cure, and hand-trim the buds ourselves before delivering them to your home. Order hemp flower right now, straight from the source. 

Farm-Direct CBD Hemp Flower for Sale

Our high-quality hemp products are USDA-certified and third-party lab-tested for efficacy and authenticity. Each flower is low in THC and rich in CBD, terpenes, and other useful cannabinoids so you can enjoy the full spectrum of benefits. Our lab reports are readily available and a brief glance is enough to demonstrate the premium quality of our CBD flower. Explore a range of cultivars grown under the warm southern Oregon sun, in indoor facilities, and inside controlled greenhouses with the best farming practices. Order now and get farm-direct wholesale CBD flower from your hemp flower specialists shipped the same day with free delivery on purchases over $75!