Previous Harvest Premium CBD Flower

Grab your favorites from our range of premium CBD flower at a bargain! Carefully grown and hand-picked, these flavorful buds are packed with ample CBD, terpenes, and all the other beneficial compounds you need to experience the full benefits of the Entourage Effect. With high CBD content and minimal THC, this flower provides a relaxing and calming experience without the psychoactive effects. Buy CBD buds online now from our previous harvest and experience the benefits of CBD hemp flower for yourself at a discount!

Previous Harvest That’s Just As Good

At Rogue Origin, we’re extremely meticulous when it comes to preserving our laboriously grown and hand-trimmed flower. Each bud is hang-dried for a slow cure that locks in the taste and aroma so you can keep enjoying the same quality even though they’re not coming to you right after harvest. While time does tend to have a slight effect on the aroma and flavor, this premium CBD flower still packs a punch. You’ll feel it right after you open the pouch! If you’ve been eyeing any of these cultivars for a while, this is the perfect time to get your hands on bulk quantities of them at never-seen-before prices. Stock up on this cheap CBD flower and enjoy the benefits of naturally grown hemp!

Your Trusted CBD Hemp Experts

Producing high-quality, premium CBD flower and CBD products is our biggest priority at Rogue Origin and it’s an essential part of what makes our customers choose us over others. Our farmers with their decade-long experience carefully monitor the quality of our harvests from seed to sale. All of our CBD-rich hemp flower is grown without the use of chemicals and additives and methodically preserved so you can delight in top-quality, USDA-certified hemp. With our collection, you can choose from several cultivars, each with its own unique properties and benefits. Enjoy the natural flavor and aroma of these premium CBD flower buds, whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or just want to add a little something extra to your daily routine. Buy CBD buds online now!