How are CBD Hemp Prerolls Made?

Alongside CBD oil and CBD flower, CBD prerolls are one of the most popular ways of enjoying the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Prerolls are easy to use as they don’t require any preparation and the quantity of hemp flower is consistent each time as compared to rolling your own joints. Prerolls are also easy to carry, making them an overall fantastic choice for beginners.

However, have you ever wondered how to make prerolls the way to producers do? At Rogue Origin, we take immense pride in our meticulous process that yields CBD hemp prerolls of the utmost freshness and quality. Let’s take a deeper look at our production process to understand how our prerolls are brought to life.

Selecting Premium Ingredients

High-quality ingredients are the cornerstone of exceptional prerolls. The selection of flower is crucial to achieving the desired aroma, flavor, and effects. Our Rogue Rollers are made with top-quality small flower that are stored in a dark, humidity-controlled room to preserve their freshness. We maintain strict quality standards for our CBD hemp prerolls, never using trim or any low-grade part of the plant that may affect the taste, aroma, or effects. Moreover, we only keep 20 preroll packs of each variety in stock at any given time to ensure each preroll delivers a consistently superior experience with every smoke.

Part 1: Shredding Flower

Our journey begins with the careful selection and preparation of hemp flower for the CBD hemp prerolls. Using a bulk cannabis shredder, we grind and process the small flower for approximately 20 seconds. The shredded flower is then poured into a sifter to remove any remaining larger bits and stems. The larger leftover bits are then re-processed and re-sifted a second time. Anything that doesn't make it through the second round is promptly discarded.

Once we have 2 lbs of shredded flower, we spread it out on a flat tray with a lid and let it dry for 24 hours in a 68-degree humidity-controlled room. We take care to fluff the flower to break up any clumps before transferring it into air-tight containers with humidity packets. The cannabis shredder is cleaned with 99% alcohol between each hemp variety to ensure every batch of flower for our CBD hemp prerolls is fresh and free from contamination.

Part 2: Making Pre-Rolls

Sour Suver Haze CBD hemp prerolls

Once we have the shredded small flower ready, the next step in how to make prerolls is hand-loading the preroll machine with pre-made raw hemp cones and the flower. A full tray can hold 452 cones whereas a half tray can hold 226. Most of the time we make half-tray batches to keep our Rogue Rollers fresh. The machine vibrates to allow the flower to settle into the cones, while we hand-pack each cone multiple times to ensure an even burn.

Once all the cones are filled, we fold the tip of each cone three times to seal it securely. The CBD hemp prerolls are then stored in air-tight containers with humidity packets, while they wait to be packed.

Part 3: Making Roller Packs

The final step in how to make prerolls involves packaging the pre-rolls into the roller packs. Each Rogue Roller box is hand-folded by us. Then we count out seven Rogue Rollers and arrange them in the box in alternating directions to ensure a perfect fit. 

The boxes are then placed in our Rocket Box preroll machine, which adds a plastic wrap to seal the box securely. The machine heat-seals the plastic wrap, creating a tamper-resistant and airtight seal. Once sealed, the boxes of CBD hemp prerolls are again stored in air-tight containers in a dark, humidity-controlled room, ready to be shipped to our customers.

High-Quality Prerolls Straight From the Origin

If you want to smoke CBD flower without having to roll your own joints, CBD prerolls are the obvious choice. They’re discreet, portable, and convenient in all aspects. At Rogue Origin, providing a quality experience is our priority, which is why we use the hemp flower from our highest-quality cultivars for our CBD hemp prerolls. 

Our smokable hemp flower is grown naturally, hand-trimmed, and slow-cured to provide the most delightful smoking experience. It’s also USDA-certified and 3rd party lab-tested for safety and quality.

Now that you have an idea about how to make prerolls, you can either order our farm-direct flower or enjoy the convenience of our prerolls. If you buy 2 packs of Rogue Rollers now you’ll get 1 pack for free! Explore our Rogue Roller collection now!

Koa Simon

Koa Simon is a 25-year-old from the Big Island of Hawaii. He grew up on a small organic farm where he learned to love and appreciate nature. He moved to Oregon to pursue his passion for working with plants. Koa is the one who starts all of our seeds and cares for our plants in the greenhouse. You could call him our Nursery Manager. He's been with Rogue Origin for 8 years and in that time he's become a jack-of-all-trades on our farm, capable of jumping from each job in the field and also helping to manage the office. Koa spends most of his free time outdoors exploring trails around Oregon's beautiful landscape.