Late Summer // Farm Updates


Mornings are crisp on the farm as harvest (and fall) is just around the corner. The residual smoke from the California fires melts away and blue skies appear again. We are grateful for the drop in temperature (highs in the 80s/lows in the mid 40s all week). It’s been an exceedingly hot summer, so needless to say, we are happy to grab a flannel in the morning and admire the nearly finished flower in the fields of green.

Around the farm, we are preparing for our fifth CBD hemp harvest--organizing the barn, cleaning the trucks--getting everything in tip-top shape for the big event. Once it is here, it’s here and it takes all our attention. Originally we projected harvest to start next week, but we’re going to let the flower linger a little longer in the sun. They are soaking it up and growing into full potential. A beautiful crop that’s nearly there. The trichomes are popping and look extra frosty. When the wind blows, it smells of lemon pine, we take extra deep inhales and take in the aromatic delights of the plants that are taller now than most of our staff.

Koa Simon

Koa Simon is a 25-year-old from the Big Island of Hawaii. He grew up on a small organic farm where he learned to love and appreciate nature. He moved to Oregon to pursue his passion for working with plants. Koa is the one who starts all of our seeds and cares for our plants in the greenhouse. You could call him our Nursery Manager. He's been with Rogue Origin for 8 years and in that time he's become a jack-of-all-trades on our farm, capable of jumping from each job in the field and also helping to manage the office. Koa spends most of his free time outdoors exploring trails around Oregon's beautiful landscape.