6 Incredible and Beneficial Hemp CBD Products You’ll Want to Try

Hemp CBD products are popular among CBD (cannabidiol) enthusiasts for their various, versatile benefits. Reaping the health benefits and mood-improving effects of the Cannabis sativa plant without the psychoactive components is highly preferred by many. Extracted from the best CBD hemp flower, Rogue Origin’s collection of hemp products offer farm-direct natural ingredients without the psychoactive high.

From inflammation, epilepsy, neurodegeneration, to chronic pain, CBD may help relieve the symptoms of many health problems. It is also used for supporting everyday wellness and boosting one’s mood.

While hemp products such as buds, prerolls and trim make for a great smoking experience, there are also various CBD extracts for non-smokers, or simply occasions where you don’t want to smoke.

Hemp vs Cannabis: What’s the Difference?

Essentially, the difference between cannabis and hemp CBD products is related to the concentration of CBD and THC. Hemp plants contain more CBD and less THC, while cannabis plants contain more THC and less CBD. Using the best CBD hemp flower for CBD products makes extraction much easier, and the end-product much more potent.

Another key point to mention is that with the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp was excluded from the legal definition of marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act. Accordingly, hemp CBD products containing less than 0.3 percent THC are federally legal.

CBD Hemp Flower

Sometimes sticking to the origin works the best. Hence, when we talk about hemp CBD products, the best CBD hemp flower itself is definitely worth mentioning. The wide range of different cultivars caters to unique needs and occasions.

For a more energized and focused mid-day smoke, Sativa varieties are a perfect choice. If you’re looking for a calm, grounded smoking experience, Indica varieties offer nice bodily relaxation. Hybrid varieties offer a balanced experience combining the best of both worlds, to be enjoyed any time of the day.

Another great thing about hemp flower is that you can buy them wholesale at reasonable prices. Especially if you’re into making edibles and ointments at home, or you’re a regular smoker, this can be a game-changer.

CBD Hemp Prerolls

Who could say no to a CBD break with a product ready to light up and go? This is where hemp flower prerolls come in. Among hemp CBD products, prerolls are a popular and convenient way to benefit from the hemp compound. 

Since most of them come in packs with multiple prerolls, they are a convenient way to carry around the buds without getting squished, damaged, or stale due to air exposure. Choosing a brand with premium packaging and slow-cured aromatic hemp flower will ensure a satisfying smoking experience.

CBD Hemp Trim

As a by-product of the trimming process, hemp trim may not immediately come to mind among potent hemp CBD products. Yet, the best CBD hemp flower yields the best hemp flower trim. The trim of high-quality CBD hemp flower is also very rich in compounds. 

Hemp trim can be used for cooking or making topical oils, ointments, and more, as these parts are rich in CBD concentration too. The right blend with CBD can have diuretic effects helping the body flush out unnecessary fluids, support pain management and alleviation, increase energy and boost the mood. For an easy cooking recipe with CBD trim, head over to Rogue Reader.

CBD Hemp Gummies

Colorful CBD hemp gummies and a hemp leaf

Gummies are among the most convenient hemp CBD products, not just because they are deliciously edible, but because it’s also easy to moderate and gauge the dose. As gummies come with different flavors and potencies, everyone can choose the most suitable option for their needs and likes.

CBD gummies are used to manage the symptoms of various conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and problems with sleep. They are also used by people with substance dependencies who want to switch to natural and healthier options.

Rogue Origin’s vegan CBD gummies are the perfect “chill pills” made from the best CBD hemp flower, coming in two flavor options–lemon-berry or sour apple–and a 10 mg dose per gummy for everyone to safely explore the right amount.

CBD Hemp Softgels

Among hemp CBD products, these softgels are mostly favored by individuals who have a hard time swallowing pills, and also those who want the product to work a little faster than traditional CBD softgels. These Softgels don’t dissolve with saliva, which means they won’t break up in your mouth before you swallow them. Since they stay intact, they also don’t leave a bad aftertaste in the mouth. 

These mighty forms of CBD also do not melt or break up in the bottle, thanks to their flexible material. As natural CBD products safe for consumption, softgels are preferred by individuals seeking relaxation, support in pain management and better sleep quality. 

Nighttime CBD softgels are sometimes supplemented with the sleep hormone melatonin to ease into a good night’s sleep.

Topical Hemp CBD Products

Topicals are used externally and applied to the skin. Topical CBD products include creams, ointments, lotions, tinctures, balms, and salves. 

Topical hemp CBD products are great for promoting healing or protecting the skin. Especially those who regularly engage in physical activity, such as athletes, and those with muscle pain conditions can use salve. CBD salves can help treat minor injuries such as soreness, bruising, blisters, chafing or dry skin.

The Origin Matters

Regardless of which form of hemp CBD products you opt for, where the CBD is extracted from matters. If you agree and want to shop some of the best CBD hemp flower out there, Rogue Origin is your match.

From seed to sale, we tend to our products with compassion and care. All of our hemp plants are grown at Rogue Origin Farms under the warm southern Oregon sun. Our hemp is harvested at the season’s peak and cured with hang-drying processes to ensure maximum potency and aroma.

We deliver across the US and follow up with stellar customer service ready to help with all your questions and concerns. Join our expanding family, and enjoy the benefits of all-natural CBD from your hemp industry farmers.

6 Incredible and Beneficial Hemp CBD Products

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