What Does CBD Help With? - Potential CBD Medical Benefits

An Overview of CBD Benefits

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is the second most plentiful active ingredient in cannabis and hemp flower. While CBD medical benefits are frequently touted in medical marijuana, it can be derived from hemp flower — marijuana’s non-psychoactive cousin. So far, the World Health Organization believes that CBD shows no evidence of being a problem for abuse or dependence and attributes no public health-related concerns to its use.

Many scientists have taken this as a sign to run ahead with studies about CBD medical benefits, discovering a lot of potential in this single cannabinoid. If you’re interested in learning about hemp flower CBD benefits, and getting some answers to common cannabidiol questions, the team at Rogue Origin is here to help. Explore our article today to learn “What does CBD help with?” and some info that might work for you.

Hemp Flower Benefits

There have been many studies to support CBD benefits and its usage on a daily basis. Currently, the most prolific studies with the strongest evidence point toward CBD medical benefits with childhood epilepsy syndromes, including Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. These discoveries relating to seizures and epilepsy are so important because neither of these maladies typically responds to traditional anti-seizure medication.

The most prominent study, conducted by a coalition of scientists from NYU, University of Reading, and Aston University, showed that CBD significantly reduced the number of seizures in most cases, and in some cases, stopped them completely. There is now an FDA-approved, cannabis-derived medication used for these conditions.

However, stopping seizures isn’t the only potential CBD benefit we might be able to enjoy. Many other studies are exploring the possibilities of CBD medical benefits for other conditions, including:


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A comprehensive review of current sleep studies by scientists from the Mayo Clinic found a basis for the claim that CBD can help with insomnia. This review explored qualifying studies that used CBD-dominant therapies, as well as blended CBD and THC therapies, to find answers about the benefits of CBD hemp flower for sleep.

The review concluded that CBD alone can be enough to alleviate the symptoms of insomnia, helping people fall asleep and stay asleep. While they believe further research is necessary, there is hope for an approved medication in the future.

Chronic Pain

Several studies have also looked at CBD medical benefits for chronic pain, including general inflammation, arthritis, and neuropathic pain. Some studies explored topical treatments, while others tried oral treatments.

One collaborative study by scientists from Harvard Medical School, Georgetown University School of Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine, and Mount Sinai Medical Center concluded that chronic pain treatments which contain cannabinoids, also known as nabiximols, can lower pain and inflammation in both humans and animals. The study looked at combined THC-CBD therapies and CBD-only therapies to determine what CBD helps with.

The study concluded that CBD-only therapies are preferred because they have more benign side effects when treating chronic pain, with fewer negative reactions during the study.


The world has long been struggling with drug abuse, but with the opioid crisis reaching a peak in America, many people are looking for solutions — even in CBD. Several studies have shown that one of CBD’s medical benefits is that it can help lower cravings for heroin, opiates, tobacco, and other substances under certain conditions.

While scientists have yet to determine the reason for the effects, many studies show positive changes in addictive behaviors — especially in relation to cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Social Benefits

One of the lesser-known and studied CBD medical benefits is its positive impact on social behavior. There are two avenues of exploration here; the first is the ritual of using CBD with friends in a social setting and the second is the improvement of behavioral crises through regular CBD intake.

At Rogue Origin, we believe that incorporating CBD into your everyday routine promotes beneficial socialization with like-minded individuals who are all interested in improving various aspects of their well-being. Simply taking time out of your day to enjoy their company and do something for yourself helps form mental health routines that stabilize and support your needs. Overwhelming evidence already shows that self-care routines have amazing benefits for your overall health.

As we explore CBD medical benefits for behavioral needs, we find studies that show signs of improvement in communication, cognitive performance, and social interactions in people who are on the autism spectrum.

Mental Health

The last CBD benefit we’re going to explore is related to mental health conditions, like depression, anxiety, and trauma. From relieving stress and anxiety to consistently improving overall mood, scientists are wondering if CBD medical benefits might trump those of more traditional medications with fewer side effects.

Various studies explore the benefits of CBD hemp flower specifically related to a certain condition, but there are also those that study overall mental health as it relates to CBD use. Many studies show that CBD can alleviate psychotic symptoms and cognitive impairment, and can even have a positive effect on social anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, and mental health concerns that are combined with autism or ADHD.

CBD Safety

We’ve mentioned several times that CBD medical benefits outweigh the possible side effects, especially since these side effects are less intense than those from THC and traditional medications. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any side effects. Even with CBD benefits, these therapies do still have the potential for side effects, including:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Blood thinning (similar to grapefruit)
  • Liver abnormalities (similar to Tylenol)

The biggest safety risk that comes along with the benefits of CBD hemp flower is their lack of regulation. Since these products are sold as a supplement and not medications, the FDA does not regulate their purity or safety. Reliable retailers strive to reassure their customers of product efficacy and safety with third-party testing and oversight.

CBD Legality

Hemp flower is CBD-dominant and is federally legal and obtainable, so you can find it in stores and online pretty easily. You can enjoy hemp flower CBD medical benefits in almost every state. Cannabis-derived CBD and THC, however, have more restrictions and regulations because they are not federally legal, it’s only legal in some states. If you’re considering buying CBD strains, explore your state’s guidelines and look for hemp flower-derived CBD to ensure you’re following all federal regulations.

How to Take CBD

hemp CBD flower for medical benefits


CBD is available in many forms and you can enjoy CBD benefits in edibles, patches, creams, vapes, oils, and even hemp flower. There are some recommendations about which form of CBD is best for your needs. For example, if you have joint pain or inflammation, you’ll likely be more interested in a topical lotion or cream — maybe even a bath bomb. If you’re looking to affect anxiety or depression, getting CBD medical benefits through oral consumption with a tincture or pre-roll is preferable.

You’ll also find that there are two prescription medications that use CBD available for muscle spasticity and seizure concerns. Outside of the United States, this drug is called Sativex. Inside the United States, the available drug is called Epidolex. You’ll need to speak to your doctor to get a prescription.

Where to Buy CBD

Now that you have a better understanding of what CBD can help with, you might be interested in purchasing high-quality hemp flower. Whether you choose to buy online or in-store, you’ll want to look out for a few things to ensure you’re buying high-quality products, including:

  • Local growers. If it’s not grown in Colorado, Oregon, or Kentucky, it’s likely coming from overseas.
  • Certificate of analysis. A reputable shop will have one available for every batch and cultivar in their stock.
  • Specific CBD amounts. Growing methodology and quality affect CBD concentration. Retailers that show specifics are more reliable.
  • Method descriptions on the label. You might see extraction methods or growing styles that provide more transparency.
  • Solvent-free. If you’re buying oils for vape pens, you may want to avoid harmful ingredients, like propylene glycol.

Choose Rogue Origin

Because CBD isn’t FDA regulated, there are some retailers that take advantage of low-quality or contaminated products. At Rogue Origin, you can shop safely with high-quality products from Southern Oregon that have certificates of analysis from third-party labs. We’re passionate about our farm-grown hemp flower.

If you want to enjoy CBD benefits, shop with us. Want to learn more about “What does CBD help with?” Explore our blog for additional information. Our team is also here with personalized support for whatever you need. So give us a shout for guidance with hemp flower CBD benefits that are specific to your needs.

*The information provided above is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat or diagnose anyone and isn’t a substitute for professional medical advice. If you have questions or concerns, contact a medical professional or healthcare provider for medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment.

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