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Buy CBD direct from the farm and enjoy retail and wholesale hemp flower quantities! Our premium, slow-cured, hand-manicured buds are aromatic and filled with flavor. Picked in their prime, these flavorful buds make quality smokers! It’s the same premium hemp flower that goes into Rogue Rollers — our pre-rolled CBD flower product.

If smoking isn’t for you, soothing salves, sweet gummies, and easy-to-digest water-soluble soft gels help relieve the stress of a hectic life. These products contain a blend of ingredients and are intended for a variety of uses.

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NEW! Raspberry Bear Claw Hemp Flower
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NEW! Lemon Cookie Dough Hemp Flower
  • From $35.00
NEW! Critical Berries Hemp Flower
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NEW! Royal OG Hemp Flower
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NEW! Lifter Hemp Flower
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NEW! Pineapple Sugar Cookies Hemp Flower
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NEW! Lemon Octane Hemp Flower
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NEW! Cake Berry Brûlée Hemp Flower
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NEW! Legendary Platinum OG Hemp Flower
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NEW! Pineapple Express Hemp Flower
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Sour Lifter CBD Hemp Preroll Pack - Rogue Rollers
Sour Lifter Rogue Rollers - Hemp Prerolls
  • $20.00
Lifter Rogue Rollers - Hemp Prerolls
  • $20.00

Different Vehicles, Different Applications

Each of our CBD products delivers beneficial compounds to your endocannabinoid system in slightly different ways.

Absorbing CBD through inhalation is the favorite method of most consumers. Premium hemp flower in its natural state works perfectly in pipes and vaporizers or you can enjoy it rolled. CBD that’s inhaled enters your system the quickest.

Rogue Rollers are made from the same tasty cultivars found in our hand-manicured buds and smalls. Our conveniently pre-rolled premium hemp flower has all-hemp skins.

Gummies and softgels deliver CBD to your body through digestion. The beneficial effects are similar to other products, but ramp up to their full effects a little more slowly.

Salves and topical applications differ, depending on their intended use. Compounds in moisturizing salves will have different benefits from those used in pain-relieving ointments.

Fine Products and Quality Service

Rogue Origin provides premium quality CBD and hemp products. Our federally inspected farms grow all-natural, premium hemp flower, free of pesticides and additives.

Our farm-grown cannabis is healthy and strong and produces high-quality buds. All cultivars are rich in beneficial CBDs, with no psychoactive effects. Grown in the fields of Southern Oregon, all products are 2018 Farm Bill compliant, with less than 0.3% delta 9 THC.

You can purchase CBD direct from our farm in retail and wholesale quantities. Each order includes tracking information and you can enjoy free shipping on orders over $75.

Our knowledgeable staff loves to talk to customers! Contact us if you have any questions about CBD, CBG, CBN, or any of our products!