How to Store CBD Flower

CBD Hemp Flower Storage and Transportation Best Practices

Knowing how to properly store your hemp flower is key to preserving its flavor, aroma, and potency and enjoying it for longer. There’s no way to prevent your flower from degrading in quality over time, but you can certainly maintain its freshness to a degree by following a few simple storage tips. Keep reading to learn about how to store CBD flower and the ideal hemp flower packaging!

Things to Consider While Storing Hemp Flower

As with every other plant product, CBD flower is susceptible to changes due to environmental factors such as light, humidity, and temperature. For example, if your flower is exposed to high humidity then it becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold. However, too little humidity will cause the buds to turn brittle and ruin your smoking experience. This is why knowing the ideal environmental conditions is essential if you want to learn how to store CBD flower properly.


A relative humidity (RH) level between 55% and 65% is considered perfect for storing and shipping hemp flower. Anything below would be too dry whereas anything above would be too moist. Humidity control packs are a great way to control the humidity levels for hemp flower storage.


Direct exposure to sunlight alters the temperature and humidity levels, speeding up the degradation process. UV rays too cause the compounds in CBD flower to break down, resulting in reduced potency and flavor. One of our best tips for how to store CBD flower is to keep it away from sunlight!


Extremely high or low temperatures cause the terpenes and cannabinoids in hemp flower to degrade faster, affecting the taste, appearance, and potency. Anything between 60-70˚F is the best temperature for storing your CBD hemp flower.


Any consumable product will go bad if it’s kept in the open air. That’s why quality hemp flower packaging is so important. It protects the flower from environmental fluctuations as well as germs and helps maintain its aroma.

How to Store CBD Flower?

Given how vulnerable CBD flower is to temperature, humidity, and sunlight, it should always be stored in airtight containers, preferably mason jars, and placed in a cool and dark cabinet away from direct sunlight. You should also keep humidity control packs inside the jar. This will keep your flower from drying out or turning into a moist home for mold. If the jar is opaque, it’s even better!

How Does Rogue Origin Store and Ship Hemp Flower?

At Rogue Origin, we follow strict hemp flower packaging guidelines to ensure our customers can enjoy the best smoke possible. When shipping hemp flower, it’s packaged using Grove bags that have been developed with Terp-Lock technology designed to maintain ideal humidity levels within the bags. This way, we ensure our customers receive fresh CBD flower with the right moisture content.

We package our products in discrete boxes with only a shipping label on the outside. You can shop smaller amounts of flower with USPS priority shipping. When ordering larger volumes of flower, we ship through UPS with express shipping options available at checkout.

How do You Store CBD Flower From Rogue Origin If You’re Reselling?

If you’re reselling our CBD flower or gifting some to your family or friends, the ideal way to store it would be in its original packaging. However, if you need to re-package, we recommend using non-breathable packaging such as mason jars, double-seal ziplock bags, or sealable Tupperware along with humidity pouches that will help to maintain the correct humidity levels and keep the flower as fresh as possible.

How to Tell If Hemp Flower Has Gone Bad

Even after following all the helpful tips on how to store CBD flower, you won’t be able to keep it indefinitely. Depending on how well you store your flower, it can last anywhere from a few weeks to months. If you notice a significant difference in the physical appearance of the buds or their aroma, it means they’re losing or have already lost most of their potency and it’s time to either finish them off quickly or discard them for a fresh batch.

Shop Farm-Direct CBD Flower From Rogue Origin

Rogue Origin hemp flower farm during sunset

Now that you know how to store CBD flower and the ideal hemp flower packaging, it’s time to shop for your favorite cultivars in bulk or small amounts with confidence. Rogue Origin is dedicated to bringing you the finest quality hemp flower and CBD products that are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. Our products are USDA-certified and come to you directly from our farm without outside interference. Read more about us and our farming process or contact us if you have any queries about hemp flower storage.

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