22 of the Best Year-Round Hemp Flower and CBD Gifts for Your Loved Ones

When it comes to gifts, nothing beats self-care and wellness products because it shows the recipient how much you care about their well-being. And what’s better than an all-natural remedy that can help them get into a better state of relaxation? This is just one of the innumerable benefits that you can enjoy from regular use of the best CBD flower.

The non-psychoactive compound derived from the hemp flower can now be found infused in everything from foods, beverages, bath products, skincare, and more. There are countless ways you can give CBD to your loved ones even if they don’t smoke or vape. They can indulge in a CBD bubble bath or enjoy the benefits of the best CBD flower through any of the hundreds of CBD edibles recipes after they get the green light from their doctor!

In this blog, we’re sharing some of the best evergreen hemp flower gifts, such as CBD oil recipe books, that you can surprise your loved ones with, no matter what the occasion or time of year. So take out your notepad and dive in!


1. Variety Box of the Best CBD Flower

Of course we have to start by recommending our very own farm grown, hand-trimmed CBD flower! Whether you're looking for Sungrown, Greenhouse, or Indoor hemp flower, we have a solid variety to choose from that’s harvested and shipped directly from our farm. Give them a variety of quality cultivars that are hand-picked by you just for them.

There are hundreds of hemp flower cultivars out there, so it’s unlikely that your friend has tried them all. A variety box is not only suitable for those who want to explore more cultivars but also for those who have absolutely no idea which cultivar they should start their CBD journey with. Gift them a few different cultivars in the Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid varieties. You can also include a homemade CBD oil recipe in the box!

2. High-Quality Hemp Flower CBD Oil

If you’re searching for versatile CBD gifts that you can give to anybody, CBD oil is the most obvious choice. You can put CBD oil in everything from food and drinks to body care products to diffusers to even your CBD bubble bath. Instead of buying one online, you can make your own CBD oil using the best CBD flower or trim you can find - this way you know exactly what goes in it. Simply heat a gallon of carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil with 8 ounces of trim and 2 cups of lecithin for 4 hours at 160° and then strain the oil after letting it sit overnight.

3. CBD-Infused Pet Products

Got invited to your friend’s fur baby’s birthday party? Skip the usual treats and toys and go with something unique like CBD-infused pet products. Nowadays you can find CBD-infused calming chews and tinctures, salves, cookies, and even shampoos and conditioners for dogs and cats. Honest Paws is one brand that has quite a drool-worthy collection but you can also make some homemade treats by looking up a CBD oil recipe for dogs or cats. Make sure you tell your friend to consult a vet before using any CBD-infused pet products!

4. Stash Box With Rolling Tray

Help them keep their best CBD flower and other smoking essentials secure and neatly organized with a sleek stash box that has multiple slots and compartments for storing buds, paper, grinders, and other accessories. Look for one made with natural materials such as acacia wood which is durable, water-resistant, and has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It’s even better if it comes with a rolling tray for convenience.

5. CBD-Infused Honey

Sweeteners are a necessity for CBD edibles recipes. So a CBD gift set containing CBD-infused honey just makes sense—double the power of nature, double the health benefits. You can buy one online or make your own with hemp flower trim. We prefer the latter because it allows you to choose their favorite cultivar using the best CBD flower.

6. CBD Oil Recipe Book

The cover of ‘The CBD Kitchen’ by Leah Vanderveldt

Edibles are the easiest way to consume CBD if someone is a beginner or doesn't enjoy the herbal taste of CBD oil. Moreover, they allow you to enjoy the effects of the best CBD flower in a slow and sustained manner. ‘The CBD Kitchen’ by Leah Vanderveldt is a comprehensive CBD edibles recipe book that includes everything from beverages, snacks, desserts, light meals, and drinks to skin care such as a face mask and moisturizer, and even CBD bubble bath products.

7. Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

If you’re looking for CBD gifts for smokers, a vaporizer is ideal because it offers the same fast-acting benefits of smoking hemp flower in vapor form. Vaporizers handle hemp flower in a cleaner and more efficient way. They allow you to heat your favorite flower to release its active compounds without burning the plant matter which makes it easier on the lungs - less heat and less particle matter. It results in a slightly different taste and aroma.

8. Decorative Storage Jar for Hemp Flower

You’d be surprised at how much joy a CBD gift set of some fancy jars will bring to your bud connoisseur. High-quality jars serve the dual purpose of allowing easy storage and access, as well as keeping the flower fresh and potent for longer. Shop for high-quality, air-tight jars in fun designs so they can neatly and aesthetically keep their best CBD flower sorted.

9. CBD-Infused Massage Oil

A good massage prior to a CBD bubble bath is immensely enjoyable. It’s the perfect way to pamper yourself on a weekend to release all the accumulated stress of the weekday. There are many brands that offer massage oils but it’s fairly easy to make at home using your homemade CBD oil recipe, giving you more control over what goes in it. Simply mix and heat your best CBD flower using an Indica cultivar in a finely grounded form with a carrier oil of your choice, some essential oils like lavender or clove, and add some shea or cocoa butter to thicken the consistency.

10. CBD-Infused Lip Balm

Thanks to CBD’s anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, a lip balm infused with it is an ideal solution for those who have dry, irritated, and chapped lips. To make a healthy, safe, and effective DIY CBD-infused lip balm for your loved one, heat up beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E oil in a double boiler. After it’s all properly mixed, take it off and add your choice of essential oils and a few drops of CBD oil made from your best CBD flower before cooling it in a balm jar or tube.

11. Subscription to a Magazine

Help your favorite hemp flower enthusiast stay up to date with the latest research, trends, and news in the cannabis and hemp flower world by gifting them a subscription to a magazine such as High Times, Freedom Leaf, or Cannabis Culture. These are some of the most popular publications that cover everything from industry insights to product reviews and wellness tips. You can also point them to The Rogue Reader which is a free online resource with valuable information about the best CBD flower cultivars, CBD oil recipes, and more.

12. Custom CBD Gift Set

A thoughtfully curated box of goodies can win over anyone’s heart, so put in a little effort for that special someone you adore and give them a personalized CBD gift box. Include a mix of different CBD hemp flower products suggested in this blog such as CBD bubble bath goods, snacks made with CBD edibles recipes, drinks, smoking accessories, and merchandise. You can also add small packs of your best CBD flower options.

13. A Book on the History, Benefits, or Use of CBD

Cover of ‘Hemp Oil and CBD’ book by Paul Jackson 

A book on the history and science of CBD, growing hemp flower, or containing DIY CBD oil recipes for beauty products is among the perfect CBD gifts for all the bibliophiles you know. Pick up something fun and beginner friendly like ‘CBD Hemp Oil and Medical Cannabis’ by Robert McGowan or ‘DIY CBD Rich Hemp Oil Skin, Body & Beauty Care Products’ by Joan Ross. ‘Hemp Oil and CBD’ by Paul Jackson is also a fantastic read on the benefits of the best CBD flower.

14. CBD-Infused Teas or Coffees

CBD works best when it’s taken consistently every day. So if you’re introducing a tea or coffee lover to the benefits of this wonderful compound for the first time, gift them a CBD gift set of infused tea leaves or coffee beans. This way they’ll get a dose of CBD with their morning routine. A more cost-effective and efficient alternative to this is gifting them a CBD oil recipe book for beverages. With CBD edibles recipes, they’ll have precise control over how much CBD goes into their infused tea or coffee.

15. Hemp Wick Dispenser for Cleaner Smoke

For the hemp flower enthusiast in your life, a hemp wick dispenser is indispensable! It’s a healthier alternative to butane lighters. Hemp wick burns at a lower temperature so it also provides a smoother, more flavorful hit, unlike a butane lighter which often scorches many of the terpenes in the best CBD flower that are responsible for the characteristic aroma and medicinal properties.

16. Hemp Flower-Themed Apparel, Accessories, or Decor

Man wearing Elektra CBD themed t-shirt

When your friend already has all the essentials like CBD oil recipe books, flower, and vapes, what are some unique CBD gifts that you can give them? Some hemp flower-themed apparel, accessories, or decor of course! Help them show off their obsession with hemp flower-inspired jewelry, a t-shirt featuring the best CBD flower cultivar, or decor such as art prints, posters, and tapestries.

17. CBD-Infused Salve for Post-Workout Recovery

An organic CBD salve jar by Rogue Origin

Are they a gym freak or a fitness enthusiast? Then a CBD-infused salve is all they need to soothe their tired muscles, reduce inflammation, and alleviate discomfort after a tough workout. This CBD-infused salve from Rogue Origin offers the combined benefits of essential oils and botanical extracts for targeted relief from soreness and faster muscle recovery. It’s a fantastic solution for your friend who has everyday muscle tension as well.

18. CBD-Infused Bath Bomb Set

We love giving ourselves the full spa treatment with some soothing hemp flower-infused bath bombs in our tub, and we’re sure your loved ones will do too! Put your DIY skills to use and add a few drops of your homemade hemp flower oil to the usual bath bomb ingredients to make a whole CBD gift set of relaxing bath bombs.

19. Hemp-Based, CBD-Infused Candles

A luxury CBD bubble bath isn’t complete without some aromatic homemade candles infused with the benefits of your best CBD flower. You can double down on the goodness of these candles by using hemp wax which is a clean and sustainable alternative to paraffin wax. Hemp wax results in candles that burn slowly and steadily, so your loved ones can treat themselves to an aromatherapy session for even longer.

20. CBD-Infused Gummies & Edibles

A jar of CBD gummies by Rogue Origin

Curating a CBD gift set for someone who’s not too keen on cooking but loves to eat? Then put your chef hat on and get ready to show off your culinary skills with a box of gourmet chocolates, brownies, cookie bars, or donuts infused with your best CBD flower oil. You can also include a jar of gummies, either homemade or store-bought. They’re easily available online in a multitude of delicious fruity flavors.

21. A Decorative Herb Grinder

Herb grinders are one of the most basic accessories for those who make their own joints or use ground buds for their CBD edibles recipes. Whether they’re just starting out with hemp flower or not, a decorative herb grinder is one of the small but meaningful CBD gifts to elevate their smoking or cooking experience. Even the best CBD flower will become more enjoyable when ground in a quality grinder!

22. Gift Card for a Reputed Hemp Flower Seller

Experienced users know what the best CBD flower is for them and would appreciate you giving them the opportunity to choose their own favorites to smoke or use in their CBD oil recipes. So if you’re planning to gift help flower to someone who’s already well-versed in the world, save yourself the trouble of shopping for a specific gift and give them a gift card to a reputable online store instead.

With the Rogue Origin Gift Card, they’ll be able to get exactly what they want, whether it’s their favorite hemp flower, edible, salve, or something else, and they’ll be grateful to you for giving them the freedom to explore and curate their own CBD gift set.

Best CBD Flower, Prerolls, Gummies, and More

When shopping for CBD gifts for your dear ones, you should always look for a reputed seller with the right certifications and a trail of positive customer experiences to back up their trustworthiness. You want to make sure they are getting quality hemp flower that is grown with care and attention to detail.

At Rogue Origin, we have been growing and harvesting hemp flower passionately for over a decade now, so we’re familiar with practices that yield the best CBD flower that’s pure and potent. Our products are USDA-certified and third-party lab tested, and the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is readily available in the description for each product. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our farm-direct hemp flower products or start browsing our range now to discover a wide variety of exciting cultivars.

Koa Simon

Koa Simon is a 25-year-old from the Big Island of Hawaii. He grew up on a small organic farm where he learned to love and appreciate nature. He moved to Oregon to pursue his passion for working with plants. Koa is the one who starts all of our seeds and cares for our plants in the greenhouse. You could call him our Nursery Manager. He's been with Rogue Origin for 8 years and in that time he's become a jack-of-all-trades on our farm, capable of jumping from each job in the field and also helping to manage the office. Koa spends most of his free time outdoors exploring trails around Oregon's beautiful landscape.