Rogue Rollers

Most would agree the best CBD pre-rolls are the ones that are already lit and passed into your hand. The next best is one of our Rogue Rollers. Our Rogue Rollers are made with premium pre-rolled CBD hemp flower that’s grown to give you a smooth and elevated smoking experience.

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Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Preroll Pack - Rogue Rollers
Hawaiian Haze Rogue Rollers - Hemp Prerolls
  • $20.00

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Super Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Preroll Pack - Rogue Rollers
Super Sour Space Candy Rogue Rollers - Hemp Prerolls
  • $20.00

Popular Cultivars Make Powerful CBD Pre-Rolls

Rogue Rollers are perfect for sharing, but we won’t blame you if you keep them to yourself! These convenient packs hold 7 CBD pre-rolls, each filled with ½ gram of 100% slow-dried CBD and CBG hemp flower — no sticks or stems here! Our premium hemp flower is hand-trimmed to eliminate undesirable leaves so you get a better experience. Actually, it’s the same flower you can buy wholesale from us, we just do the work for you so you can skip right to the good part.

Compassionately Grown High-Quality CBD

All our Rogue Rollers meet the 2018 Farm Bill requirements which mean they have less than 0.3% Delta 9-THC and are non-psychoactive. These CBG and CBD pre-rolls are filled with hemp that’s planted, harvested, and packed directly on our farm — they’re grown in a way that highlights the distinct terpenes you love. All our hemp products are USDA certified and 3rd-party lab-tested – so you can completely relax, unwind, and enjoy.

We love our Rogue Rollers and you’ll love them too. Rogue Origin ships pre-rolled CBD Rollers wholesale and retail throughout the US. Enjoy our quality farm-grown hemp, straight from the source in sunny southern Oregon.