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Our natural farm-grown hemp is planted under the golden Oregon sun. It’s gently harvested and comfortably slow-dried to concentrate beneficial qualities. The result is a pleasant taste and an aromatic fragrance — A tranquil smoking experience. Here, you will find premium hemp flower for sale online that you will love!

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Lifter Hemp Flower
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Pineapple Express CBD Flower
  • From $35.00
Cake Berry Brûlée Hemp Flower
  • From $35.00
Sour Lifter Hemp Flower
  • From $35.00
Lemon Octane Hemp Flower
  • From $35.00
Critical Berries Hemp Flower
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Legendary Platinum OG Hemp Flower
  • From $35.00
Royal OG Hemp Flower
  • From $35.00
Lemon Cookie Dough Hemp Flower
  • From $35.00
Raspberry Bear Claw Hemp Flower
  • From $35.00
Pineapple Sugar Cookies Hemp Flower
  • From $35.00

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Mango Fire Hemp Flower
  • From $80.00
Sour Suver Haze Hemp Flower
  • From $35.00

Unique, Powerful Compounds

Our all-natural hemp flower can be used in many ways — Smoke it, vaporize it, or cook it. Extract your own oil, or turn it into a tincture, or a salve. You can even make your own gummies.

Each plant is brimming with fragrant terpenes, natural cannabinoids, and other beneficial compounds! Our farm-grown hemp is all-natural, has no pesticides, and is 2018 Farm Bill compliant. Enjoy retail quantities of our quality hemp, or get CBD hemp flower wholesale — straight from the source.

Hemp has been used for thousands of years in natural medicine practices. Each cultivar is different, and we’re proud to have a wide variety of premium hemp flower for sale that has all the benefits of CBD.

Indica cultivars, like Bubba Kush, promote a relaxing, tranquil feeling. Sativa varieties, like Super Sour Space Candy, can help keep your thoughts clear and help with focus. Hybrids like Lifter are known for their stimulating effects.

Try them all and find your favorite!

Finest CBD Flower, Finest Customer Experience

These fragrant hemp flowers grow naturally under the warm sunshine of Southern Oregon. We harvest our crop at the peak of every season and package our products on-site. Our farm-grown hemp flower is delivered straight to your door directly from its source.

Our premium hemp flowers for sale online are USDA certified and come from our federally inspected farms. Our farming practices are free of harmful pesticides and heavy metals. All our cultivars are filled with beneficial CBDs and other compounds. And a 3rd-party lab analysis gives you a breakdown of exactly what you are getting. Grown in Oregon, all our products are Farm Bill compliant, with less than 0.3% delta 9-THC.

Buy CBD hemp flower wholesale, in 1 and 10-pound bags, or in retail quantities for personal use. Each order includes tracking information and you can enjoy free shipping on orders over $75*.

Explore our quality farm-direct flower today.